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Every body type is different and unique. Results will vary from person to person. With proper healthy diet, some exercise, and strict adherence to the 28 Day Sexy Teatox Program you should expect weight loss and a flatter tummy. You should also expect increased energy, higher metabolism, curbed appetite, mental clarity and focus and peaceful sleep on your Colon nights. In a word, at completion, you should feel "sexy".
"Who likes to feel sluggish and bloated? Not me! I got sick and tired of all these Detox tea companies because none of them worked for me. I hate emergency bathroom breaks or having cramps. Additionally, I wanted to lose another few pounds the healthy way to reach my ideal weight in order to feel confident and sexy. Well, thanks to @sexymitea for their #28DayChallenge 💪 I drank sexymi Wake up Skinny tea daily, and the bedtime colon tea every other night... now I feel energetic, no longer bloated, sleep well on colon nights, and I lost 5 pounds! I feel sexy. Thank you @sexymitea I'm going to continue drinking your tea daily! ♥️
- Jessica Laisure
Instagram: @laisure_jessica1991
It's been one month, and I am so happy to say this tea is amazing!

I am skeptical about products advertised to "detox", but I love tea and I'll try almost anything at least once. I am very happy to say this tea really reduced my bloating and had me feeling more energetic than I normally am. I want to say so much, but words fail. I just wish I could give everyone responsible fot creating this tea a big hug, I'm so happy to have found Sexy Mi Tea! Thank you so much!"

Jessi Bragdon
IG: @crystal8phoenix
IG: @thechicchameleon
"Less bloating in my belly for sure -- less pressure. Helped a lot with energy, focus, curbing my appetite, and certainly digestion! The colon tea helped with a better night sleep, no doubt. Helped calm my body and mind. Both teas are full of delicious flavor."
- Jennifer
IG @lifeof_polly
"No bloat and flat tummy!
Thank you for this wonderful teatox. As you can see, I went from bloated and overweight to a flat, more desirable tummy! At 29, I am starting to have to really watch my weight and what I eat. The great thing about your teatox is it gives you that beginning push to get healthy and fit and lose weight. At the completion of my 28 day teatox, I lost 9 lbs. But I continue to lose weight by drinking your Skinny tea everyday because I eat less. It really works!"
- Myrna

"Make me sexy

I just finished the detox and feel sooooo sexy! My boyfriend says my tummy is to die for now. I love my pink infuser too! Thanks Sexymi"



"I feel great!

I just completed my 28-day detox and I feel fantastic! I have tried other brands with very bad results. I was never able to complete a tea detox/ cleanse in the past because of either stomach pain or "the revenge" in the bathroom. Being at work and having to run to the toilet every 10 minutes doesn't work. My sister is going to try next because she said my skin looks great. I lost 11 pounds in 28 days and could not be more happy!
Absolutely love the product and the fact you are gluten-free loose leaf."

- Ashley G.


Mommy of 2 is on her way to her goal weight. Kimberly, kick started her weight loss with sexymi Tea and is now well on her way to losing her goal of 35 lbs. At completion of her 28 Sexy Teatox Program, she was down 13.5 lbs. Congratulations Kim!

"Thank you so much!

Being the mommy of 2 boys makes it very hard to lose weight. I have been working out and eating healthy for a while now so I could reach my ideal body weight. My goal was to lose 35 pounds and I am well on my way to reaching that goal. At the end of my 28 Sexy Teatox Program, I was down 13.5 lbs. I'm going to continue drinking the wake up skinny tea every morning! I do however drink it more than once a day and I add honey and lemon for additional health benefits. Thank you so much for this tea and for the coupon code!"

- Kimberly