Why sexymi?

Hello Sexy,

There are a whole host of reasons for selecting our Teatox, starting with the decision to delay going to market with our product by almost a year, to get our formula just right. Not only the selection of our premium organic ingredients, but just the right portions of each. Painstaking time went into our formula under the direction of our Tea Master. Unlike a Tea sommelier who recommends and pairs teas in a tea house, A Tea Master is an expert in the science of blending teas, and the benefits holistically on your body and overall health. It was very important for us to get a colon tea that was gentle on the system and still outperform the industry with superior results. With our Skinny Tea development, our goal was to achieve maximum energy while curbing appetite and focus. With all of our teas, taste is extremely important. We do not add gluten-containing flavors but rely on premium quality organically sourced tea. We also never use tea bags because they contain gluten. Loose leaf is the healthiest choice.

Start "YOUR" sexymi tea journey and find your sexy now!