28 Day Sexy Teatox Program - Starter Bundle

Product Description

This is the best Teatox on the market! Scientifically formulated and blended by a certified 35 year Tea Master to provide the ultimate synergistic detox tea bundle on the market. The sexymi 28 Day Sexy Teatox Program eliminates toxins, bloat, increases energy levels, improves focus, burns stored fat, and boosts your metabolism to improve your health and get you to that goal weight and feeling sexy. All Natural ingredients and a one-two punch for cleansing and revitalizing your body. Your skin will thank you too!

28 Day Sexy Teatox Program includes:
  • 28 day supply of our Wake Up Skinny loose-leaf tea
  • 28 day supply (drink every other night, 14 nights total) of our Bed Time Colon loose-leaf tea
sexymi teatox resets your body in only 28 days by cleansing and reinvigorating your system!
✔️ Boost energy levels naturally
✔️ Increase metabolism 
✔️ Burns stored fat
✔️ Kills bloat
✔️ Improve mental focus & clarity 
✔️ Detoxify your body 
✔️ Drastically improving deep sleep 😴 
✔️ Reduce Stress! 
✔️ Speeds digestion
✔️ Improve skin complexion 
✔️ Aids in healthy weight management
✔️ Eliminate toxic levels
✔️ Improve nutrient absorption
✔️ Lower blood pressure and heart rate
✔️ Help achieve your goal weight
✔️ Reducing high acidity levels
✔️ Reduces muscle spasm and tightness
✔️ Packed With Antioxidants
✔️ Fights Cancer Causing Free Radicals
✔️ No Cramps
✔️ No Diarrhea 
✔️ Great taste!
The sexymi Tea is 100% Gluten-Free, GMO-free, Sugar-Free, is halal & kosher!


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