Sexymi Glass Tea Tumbler

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Healthy sexymi Glass Tumbler goes where you go.


Most of our tea drinkers are active and on the go, so we developed this classy glass high-quality tumbler to make that much easier. With the handy tea storage lid, you can remeasure your loose leaf tea and store it in your tumbler until ready for use. The tumbler is insulated double wall borosilicate glass to protect your hands from heat. Because you are classy, you deserve glass. Because your healthy, you know plastic is a no-no when it comes to high-quality loose leaf tea. Now you can take your tea with you anywhere and maintain health by not introducing toxins from plastic tumblers or toxic gluten containing tea bags.


Tea Bag Truth

When asked by the Atlantic about tea bag toxicity, Dr Ray Fernando (Cal Poly- San Luis Obispo) stated-

“If the question is, ‘As the polymer goes through that transition state, is it easier for something to leach out?’ ‘the answer is yes.’” when referring to boiling water being poured over the tea bag.


BPA-free Truth

According to research by neurobiology professor George Bittner and his team at CertiChem, many BPA-free plastics are just as bad for us as the BPA-laden kind, and possibly worse, in some cases. The endocrine disruptors in most plastics have far-ranging effects that not only make us sick, infertile and genetically wacky but they also mess up our children (assuming you overcome the infertility problems) and our children’s children and our children’s children’s children and, well, you get the idea, right? Plastic leaches toxins, glass does not. It’s that simple!


Awesome info about our awesome healthy glass tumbler:


  • Heat Resistant - With quality double wall borosilicate glass, your hands stay at normal temp while your liquid inside stays hot or cold!
  • Hot Or Cold - Make hot tea, iced tea, infused water, your smoothie, coffee, detox water, or even your chilled white wine! With our versatile tumbler, we got you covered.
  • Mess Free - The tumbler allows you to put your All-Natural loose leaf tea below the strainer and pour in water and drink without spilling or making a mess on the go.
  • Classy Glass - The tumbler is made of healthy borosilicate glass. It’s also a classy accessory. When you drink from glass it is obvious you drink healthy, you drink with class! Let’s face it, plastic has no place near your quality beverage because of the toxic risk. Plastic is cheap too! We spent nearly 3 times what the equivalent plastic tumbler would cost and still offer at the same price point. This is because we care about YOUR health and so should you.
  • Removable Stainless Tray - The high-quality stainless tray separates your sexymi loose leaf from your lips and has a lay flat handle to remove it from the tumbler.
  • Hidden Storage - We incorporated a secret storage compartment in the lid that has so many possibilities. You can store your loose leaf for later or hide valuables, rings, money, vitamins, ear buds, a spare key, or whatever you come up with.


How do I use my new sexymi Glass Tumbler?


  1. Measure (1) teaspoon of sexymi all-natural loose leaf tea with a measuring spoon.
  2. With the stainless tray removed, pour into the bottom of your tumbler.
  3. Add any additional items like honey, lemon, cream, or essential oils.
  4. press the stainless perforated tray into the tumbler until it snaps in place. In the rare occasion this is loose, simply take a pen and push the tabs out a bit and then reinsert.
  5. Pour boiling water slowly through your strainer and enjoy your tea.


Enjoy your classy glass tea tumbler...



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