sexymi Pop Grip

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sexymi Pop Grip

These awesome little gadgets are exactly what your phone is missing. Make your device sexy with the sexymi logo on your pop grip. At a fraction of the cost of a screen replacement, these handy little guys will virtually eliminate device drop, by providing a sure grip. They attach to a tablet, e-reader, gaming system, phone, or even a mirror for hanging a necklace! 

You will find hundreds of uses for your pop grip. You can even remove and reapply! Once you use one, you will wonder how you ever got along without one, two, or even three. They are invaluable as a grip for taking selfies, texting, snapping pics, underwater GoPro grip, as a stand for video chat or media, tablet grip, or even a place to wrap your headphones or charge cord!

Many people shed their bulky protective cases for the sleek version their device really is. With the substantially reduced risk of accident dropping, you can scale down the bulk. The pop grip has three positions as well as an angle option. They also collapse flat to fit in a pocket while also helping prevent accidental slipping out of a pocket.

Order a couple and join the sexy trend that is useful, stylish, and makes a statement. You are sure to be the envy of everyone around you wishing they had one. This could also be one of the best, most useful gifts you could ever give someone.

Add one to your tea and tumbler order today!

Note: If you own a device with a waterproof coating such as iphone7 the installation is slightly different. You will need to peel the backing off the pop grip and apply to your device and hold tight for a minimum of 10 seconds. Next, you will need to wait for 8 hours before popping. I know, frustrating, but all great things are worth the wait. The waterproof coating is the culprit here, not your pop grip. Silicone cases are sometimes troublesome as well. When removing a pop grip you need to reapply soon. Never leave exposed for more than 15 minutes before reattaching or it will lose its grip forever!!! You may also rinse the sticky side under water to clean debris but never use soap. Let dry and reapply.

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